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Upcoming Features and Enhancements

Get a glimpse of the new features we're working on, all of which will be making their way to the app in the near future.

See all the latest releases in our packed 2.0 update.

Early 2024:
- Full-store support for image files.

Google Keyword Planner Data:
- Analyze well performing keyword data to integrate into your A.I write ups.

Accessibility & Usability
- Screen reader compatibility score
- User feedback ability for image generation write ups

Data & Integration:
- Streamlined data management with Export/Import CSV feature
- Seamless 3rd-party app integration capabilities.

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A yellow sofa with dotted pillows in caseo site
A foot over a light blue ball in caseo website
Melinda's truffle sauce in caseo website
A close up of a woman’s face holding a tube of L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation.
A brown jacket in caseo site