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We are excited to unveil the groundbreaking November 2.0 Update for, a major overhaul that revolutionizes the platform with a suite of new features and improvements, all designed to substantially enhance the store admin experience.
Product Updates's New 2.0 Update: Making Your Life Easier with Awesome Features!

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Richard Emanuel
Post Published:
December 3, 2023
Post Updated:
January 8, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of's monumental November 2.0 Update, a comprehensive upgrade that has transformed the platform, offering an array of new features and enhancements aimed at significantly elevating the store admin user experience.

Quick List:

Meta Descriptions and Title Write-Ups

Our latest feature is a game-changer for SEO enthusiasts and professionals. Say hello to AI-powered meta descriptions and title write-ups, now integrated into the app. Powered by the innovative technology of OpenAI, this feature is designed to streamline and enhance your SEO efforts.

Support for Collections and Blog Images: A Game-Changer

Our most anticipated update is here: now seamlessly integrates collections and blog images. This key addition is a boon for content creators and marketers, streamlining their workflow and creative processes.

Revolutionized User Interface with Shopify’s Polaris 12

The highlight of this update is the shift to Polaris 12, introducing a fresh, user-centric interface. This major redesign focuses on enhancing user interaction, offering more intuitive navigation and a smoother operational experience.

Advanced Filtering and Sorting Capabilities

We've expanded the functionality to include advanced filtering and sorting options, such as 'Has Alt Text', 'Some Alt-Text' and 'No Alt Text'. These filtering options allow for a more organized and efficient workflows for users.

Enhanced AI Context with Product Titles and Descriptions

The update enriches the AI's understanding with the addition of product titles and descriptions. This enhancement ensures more precise and relevant ALT Name descriptions, tailoring content to better suit your products.

Welcoming Dutch Language Support

Responding to user demand, we've introduced Dutch language support, making more accessible and user-friendly for our Dutch-speaking clientele.

Customizable Store Description Setting for AI Context

A novel store description setting has been added for AI context. This feature empowers users to infuse their brand and product nuances into the AI-generated content, offering a more personalized experience.

Confirmation Modals for Bulk Operations

To improve control and minimize errors, confirmation modals for bulk operations have been implemented. This addition ensures actions are deliberate and accurate, enhancing the platform’s reliability.

Efficient Management with Discarding of Archived Products

The update now automatically excludes archived products in individual creation, streamlining the process and focusing on current, live information.

Revamped Vision AI Functionality with Microsoft Azure

We've transitioned our image processing model to Microsoft Azure, completely overhauling our Vision engine functionality. This promises heightened performance and accuracy, significantly boosting image recognition and processing capabilities.

Refined Alt Texts for Enhanced SEO and Accessibility

The quality of alternative texts (alt texts) for images has seen substantial improvement, a critical factor for SEO and accessibility. This ensures that all users, including those with screen readers, have a comprehensive understanding of the images.

Automated Alt Text Generation for New Images

Rounding off the updates, we've introduced automatic alt text generation for new images. This feature is a significant time-saver, boosting efficiency by generating descriptive texts for images automatically.

In summary,'s November 2.0 Update represents a major leap forward, bringing a suite of new features and improvements focused on boosting efficiency, accessibility, and overall user experience. These advancements are set to provide our users with a more streamlined, effective, and enjoyable workflow.

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