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Client Stories's Leap in SEO and Accessibility: How Alt Text Made a Difference

Rich Emanuel photo
Richard Emanuel
Post Published:
January 26, 2024
Post Updated:
January 30, 2024

Wayzn, a cutting-edge company in smart pet products, faced the challenge of optimizing their website's accessibility and SEO. With an array of product images across their site, manually adding alt tags proved to be time-consuming and potentially costly.


Wayzn turned to, the go-to Shopify app for efficient alt text generation. The app's model of affordable credits, allowing users to pay only for what they need, aligned perfectly with Wayzn's requirements. Additionally, the attentive support provided by Parkfield, the team behind, and their commitment to continuous improvement made the solution even more appealing.


  • Effortless Alt Tag Integration: made the process of adding alt tags across Wayzn's site a breeze, saving time and effort.
  • Affordable Credit Model: Wayzn appreciated the cost-effectiveness of's credit system, ensuring they only paid for the alt text credits they utilized.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Parkfield's support proved to be invaluable, providing assistance whenever needed and enhancing Wayzn's experience.
  • Commitment to Improvement: Wayzn recognized's dedication to app enhancements, ensuring a tool that evolves with their needs.
  • SEO Boost Potential: While the natural search boost is yet to be fully gauged, Wayzn acknowledged the increasing importance of accessibility to SEO and the positive impact alt tags completion can have.

Client Review

"This app makes short work of adding alt tags throughout our site. Credits are really affordable, and we love the model where you only pay for what you need. Parkfield is also really helpful if we need support, and they seem to be invested in continuing to improve the app. Not sure yet how much of a natural search boost we will get, but Google seems to be placing more and more importance on accessibility, so getting our alt tags completed can only help with SEO."

Adam Smithline
Co-founder & CEO, Wayzn

Future Plans

Wayzn plans to continue utilizing to maintain alt text excellence, recognizing the importance of ongoing accessibility and SEO improvements for their website.

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