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A list of cheap bulk alt text apps taken from a community forum page on shopify
ADA Compliance

Could I just use a Shopify app to automatically fill in my ALT Text with the product title and variant?

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Richard Emanuel
Post Published:
December 13, 2023
Post Updated:
January 3, 2024

The pitfalls of cheap bulk Alt Text update apps

Apps such as "Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO", "SEO Master ‑ SEO Rank Booster", "BOOSTER SEO & IMAGE OPTIMIZER", and "SEO King, while efficient for large catalogs, often automate alt text creation by inserting generic product titles and variants as image descriptions. This method falls short in providing meaningful context and descriptive detail, especially for users with visual impairments, low internet bandwidth, or image display issues.

Don't just fill in the blanks

Properly crafted alt texts are pivotal in delivering an equitable web experience. They should not only convey the basic information about an image but also its context and relevance to the product or the page. For instance, an image of a person showcasing a a jacket's versatility in all conditions in the mountains should describe the action and setting, not just the product name and it's color. See the example below.

Bulk ALT Text Example:
Best practice for ALT Text:
Learn how to effectively write Alt-Text for eCommerce

How can A.I help with creating ALT Text for my products?

Modern AI solutions like for Shopify offer a sophisticated approach to Alt Text generation. These tools analyze the context and content of images in detail, ensuring that the alt texts are both descriptive and relevant. allows for bulk updates while maintaining high quality and context-awareness.

An entirely A.I generated ALT-Text description by

The Advancement of AI in Image Description

With AI technologies like ChatGPT, VisionAI, and Azure, that power dedicated Shopify Apps like, make the task of generating comprehensive and context-aware alt texts has become more feasible and less labor-intensive. These tools analyze images in detail, providing nuanced and accurate descriptions that enhance user experience and comply with ADA requirements. has partnered with Microsoft Azure to power its vision reading technology


Well-crafted alt texts contribute significantly to search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines, including Google, consider accessibility features of websites, including the quality of alt texts, when ranking pages. Thus, effective alt texts not only cater to ADA compliance but also bolster a site's SEO performance.

Given technological advancements and the increasing importance of ADA compliance, relying on apps like "Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO," "SEO Master ‑ SEO Rank Booster," "BOOSTER SEO & IMAGE OPTIMIZER," and "SEO King" is no longer viable. These apps do not meet current standards for accessibility and can potentially harm a website's SEO and legal compliance.

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