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How to Use a Text Generator to Create Alt Text for Shopify: Enhancing Accessibility and SEO

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Richard Emanuel
Post Published:
March 4, 2024
Post Updated:
March 4, 2024

Crafting alt text for the images on your Shopify site is more than just an SEO tactic; it's a crucial step towards creating a more inclusive and engaging online shopping experience. Alt text stands for "alternative text," a concise description of an image's appearance and purpose on your website. This simple yet powerful feature enhances accessibility for users with visual impairments, allowing them to grasp the content of images through screen readers. Additionally, alt text plays a pivotal role in SEO, helping search engines understand and index your images, which can lead to better visibility and higher rankings.

A person typing on a keyboard connected to a computer, with a text generator open on the screen. A Shopify website is visible in the background

To make the process of creating alt text both efficient and effective, leveraging AI-driven text generators can be a game-changer. These advanced tools analyze your images and generate descriptive alt text that aligns with your products and branding, saving you time and effort while boosting your site's usability and search engine performance.

Key Insights:

  • Alt text is indispensable for both accessibility and SEO on Shopify.
  • Automating alt text creation with AI enhances efficiency and user experience.
  • Alt text is pivotal for making your site accessible and improving its search ranking.

The Significance of Alt Text in Shopify:

Alt text serves a dual purpose: making your store accessible to those with visual impairments and optimizing your site for search engines. It ensures your online store is compliant with accessibility standards, like the ADA, and helps visually impaired customers navigate your site more effectively. For SEO, alt text provides search engines with context, aiding in the accurate indexing of your images, which can enhance your store's online presence.

Boosting Accessibility and SEO:

  • For Accessibility: Alt text allows screen readers to describe images, ensuring all users have equal access to your store's content. Aim for detailed descriptions to fully convey the image's essence to someone who can't see it.
  • For SEO: Since search engines rely on text to understand content, including descriptive alt text with your images can improve your site's indexing and visibility.

Enhancing Your Store with AI-Generated Alt Text:

Utilizing AI to generate alt text streamlines adding rich descriptions to your Shopify images. This section covers selecting the right app for your needs, generating effective alt text, and integrating it into your product catalog.

Selecting an AI Alt Text App:

When choosing an app, focus on ones that cater specifically to e-commerce and have positive user feedback. is a notable option, offering seamless integration with Shopify and the ability to generate SEO-friendly alt text.

Checklist for Choosing an App:

  • Look for high ratings and positive reviews.
  • Ensure it integrates easily with Shopify.
  • Check for user-friendly documentation and support.

Crafting and Integrating Alt Text:

AI tools should create alt text that is both detailed and concise. Provide these tools with enough context about your products to generate meaningful alt text. Integrating this alt text into your Shopify store can be done manually or in bulk through a CSV file, ensuring every image in your catalog enhances your store's accessibility and SEO.

FAQs on AI-Generated Alt Text in Shopify:

  1. Adding Alt Text with a Generator: Choose a reputable tool, then in your Shopify admin, select the product image you wish to edit, click to add alt text, and save your changes.
  2. Automating Alt Text for Existing Images: Use Shopify apps with AI capabilities to scan and apply alt text to your images in bulk.
  3. Using Shopify's Liquid Code for Integration: Include the generator's code snippet in your Shopify theme's liquid files for automatic alt text updates.
  4. Best Practices: Ensure the alt text is accurate, succinct, and relevant. Review and adjust AI-generated text as necessary to ensure it reflects your image content appropriately.
  5. Chrome Extensions and Shopify Apps: Chrome extensions and Shopify apps like can simplify the process of generating and managing alt text, making your store more accessible and SEO-friendly.

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