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Caseo essentials: A Quick Guide to Mastering

Rich Emanuel photo
Richard Emanuel
Post Published:
January 18, 2024
Post Updated:
January 25, 2024

Get ready to transform your Shopify store with effortless alt text, meta titles, and meta description generation and take a dive into the seamless features that make Caseo a game-changer for your SEO strategy.

First, try it for FREE here — we’ll cover the first 15 credits!


You can manage all your Alt Text and Meta generations from here.

First, a quick rundown of your overall stats: credits for you generations and all Alt Text status in your store. 

Note:'s engine may take a couple of minutes to index all of your store's images when installed. Once synced, the "Getting Your Images Ready" window will disappear, and you will be able to start generating Alt Text.


First, reach to settings section at the top.

For better generation and experience, check and update all your preferences in the settings section to get you started!

To reach top quality in your Alt Text, make sure you add your Store Description in Settings

AI Generation

Click on AI Generation to enter the individual product listings section of the app where you will be able to create individual product image Alt text and Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions.

You can click on each product listing (see detail below) where you can individually create alt tags and meta Title and meta description. In this list view you can also bulk select products and generate alt tags with one click.

Other Individual Generation features include: Alt Text status filtering, Alt Text last modified, Product Status view, Search Bar and Sorting, and Collection and Blog Images list.

Product Listing Detail Panel

When you click on a Product from the Caseo AI Generation list, you will access to that Product Detail Panel. There you will be able to generate Meta Title and Descriptions, as well as Alt Text for all the Product's images.

To generate Meta Title and Description:

  1. first click on Edit / Generate,
  2. then click on Generate in (2) for Meta Title,
  3. and in (3) for Meta Description,
  4. and make sure you click on Save Listing to save changes.

If you'd like to generate and edit the Alt Text for a specific image of your product, click on the Edit button. Test it in our demo here!

Bulk History

Check a detailed listo of your Bulk generations History, including: Status, Operation ID, Date, Total Images, and Download result.

Click on Generate CSV to download the detailed list of products with the Alt Text Generated! The file will include Product ID, link to product source, and the Alt Text generated. 


Need extra credits? We got you! Check Caseo credit plans in the app Billing section. 

More information about pricing here

Need assistance?

We’d love to hear from you! Wether you need support, for any suggestions or requirements, or just want to read more about Caseo, reach out to this section. 

We normally reply within the day, and have an amazing development team that builds new features, adds new languages and check bugs in < 3 days. 

Feel free to reach at

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